High Spirits Dog Training

Positive. Personalized. Professional.

Since its founding in 2014, High Spirits Dog Training has been a driving force in the local community. Bringing education and experiential learning to dog owners through in-home behavior consulting, adventure dog classes, rally obedience workshops, and full-day deep dive seminars has been our focus and passion.
Dog Reactivity has long been our specialty, and we have helped many dogs to become more calm and confident and able to navigate the world around them. We have greatly enjoyed seeing our clients thrive and be able to go places and do things with their dogs. 
Now, in 2020, we are excited to switch gears and serve a new audience. 
High Spirits Dog Training will now be providing video coaching. We want our services to be available to you, no matter where you live.
We are also shifting our focus to performance, sport, working, and service dog teams. Please note: if you are a past client of HSDT, we are always happy to help with anything you might need! Simply reach out. 
*We do not train service dogs.
We provide video coaching to performance dog teams, sport dog teams, working dog teams, and service dog teams. We aid in troubleshooting performance issues, mindfully working through behavior issues, and helping teams to reach the next level of incredible performance whether that be in the ring or out in the world.
Our training methodology has always centered around positive, low-stress, confidence- and relationship-building techniques. We emphasize relationship first and value longevity of happy performance over perfection in the moment.
While we understand that there are a variety of tools and techniques out there and we acknowledge the right of every team to choose what they wish to use, we respectfully request to only work with those who embrace positive training and do not employ the use of shock, choke, or prong collars. Thank you for understanding our desire to be thoughtful about who we work with and to honor our philosophy. 

Danielle Lindblom CPDT-KA

Trainer. Behaviorist. Coach.

Danielle Lindblom is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has been our head trainer and behaviorist for the last five years. Danielle has extensive experience with clicker training, shaping behaviors, reactivity, fear, and other behavior issues, and training performance dogs. She is an active judge for the WCRL (rally obedience). 
Danielle spent her formative years riding, showing, and training Quarter Horses. This love of working with animals transitioned to dog training when she got her first Border Collie and began learning about positive reinforcement training.
She loves adventuring with her two dogs, Mica and River, traveling the country to hike, camp, and explore the great outdoors. She has competed in WCRL Rally Obedience for five years, and both dogs have multiple championship titles. She has also trained and competed in Masters level agility, dock jumping, and disc.
Danielle lives with a psychiatric condition and has fully trained her own service dog, River, to help her mitigate symptoms and maintain functioning through specific tasking. 
Danielle brings her skills and experience as a life coach to her work in High Spirits Dog Training, helping her clients to feel confident in the challenging world of performance-centered activities. 

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