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Relationship First for Peak Performance

Do you want to build a strong partnership from the start?

Are you and your dog stuck or struggling to connect?

Is longevity more important to you than perfection?​

"High Spirits" means a dog that loves working with you and a two-way partnership.


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Help for Nervous Dogs

Is your dog anxious, nervous, or shy around people? Does she avoid other dogs or have difficulty in new environments?

You can help your nervous dog gain confidence and be able to navigate the world without fear. By watching this recording of our Rehabbing Shy Dogs Seminar, a full-day event complete with critical information and demos from real dogs, you'll get insight into why your dog does what she does and learn how to help her. 

If you're looking for the tools to make a difference in your dog's life, this is it! You can watch and re-watch the recording as many times as you like. Start making things better today.


Reactive Dog Rehab

Does your dog "explode" when he sees another dog or when a visitor comes to the house? Is it difficult to have a relaxing walk without your dog barking and lunging at passerby? Are you frustrated and don't know what to do about this seemingly aggressive behavior?

This full day deep dive seminar will show you how to go about helping your dog to overcome this behavior issue. Watch demo dogs learn the methods firsthand, and get valuable information from the expert.

You can watch the seminar at your own pace and as many times as you like! It's easy to keep your place and rewatch important sections. Start making things better today!


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